Verify File Layouts in QSCan using Projects or Templates

When delivering content to broadcasters, it is very common to follow a specific file layout where you must verify that certain things are present at certain timecodes.

One typical example would be:

  1. 00:58:00:00 Start TC of the file

  2. 00:58:00:00 to 00:58:30:00 Black and silence

  3. 00:58:30:00 to 00:58:50:00 75% color bar and test tone

  4. 00:58:50:00 to 01:00:00:00 Black and silence

  5. 10 seconds of black and silence at the tail of the file

This tutorial will show you how to configure the project/template to detect this.

We will only configure #2, #3, and #5 since the rest should be the same but working with different intervals and different parameters.

QScan also has some premade templates with these kinds of settings. One good example is the UK DPP HD 4 tracks v5