QScan 2024

Innovating with Precision

Elevating Video Quality Control Together. Driven by feedback from our valued customers, we are proud to present QScan AQC 2024. This update is designed to set new standards for efficiency and precision in video quality control.

New in QScan AQC 2024

GPU Accelerated Analysis

Elevate your analysis with GPU support for key parameter groups, enhancing speed and accuracy across preprocessing, blanking, letterboxing, HDR analysis, and more.

Enhanced Dead Pixel Detection

Advanced settings for dead pixel detection significantly reduce false positives, ensuring pristine video quality

S3 Storage Support

Integrate AWS S3 buckets directly into your workflow, enabling native content access from these versatile storage solutions.

FCP XML Reports

Enhance your editing workflow with new XML report formats for seamless integration with third-party NLEs.

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The best just got better!

Browser based

The web based software allows operation from any browser from local network or even remote locations.

Overview page

With the new main page, you can keep track of the status of the running jobs, queued jobs, finished jobs, and even cancelled jobs.

Format checks

Guarantee compliance of your media format by using our header, video, audio, MXF and HDR format checks.

Perpetual quality

Verify that content is free of perceptual quality artefacts, such as black frames, freeze frames, blurring, digital drops, interlacing

Ready-made templates

Pre-defined templates are available for compliance to a broad range of common and industry-standard delivery specifications.

Custom templates

Easily create new templates from scratch or by modifying existing templates to accommodate your delivery needs.

User management

Allow unlimited users to access your QScan system, providing different access permissions based on different profiles.


One file at a time is not enough? Scale up your system efficiently by adding more simultaneous files, or additional worker nodes.